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Social Media Optimization. #SMO #SEO #socialmedia


Social Media Optimization (SMO) refers to the leveraging of social media websites and resources to build marketing awareness, and to some extent generate sales. Types of social media involved include RSS feeds, social news and bookmarking sites, as well as social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other video and blogging sites.

In broad terms, Social Media Optimization involves:

  • Creating content which people want to share.
  • Making your content easy to share.
  • Promoting user engagement.
  • Sharing your content proactively and reaching out to people.
  • Mixing things up to make a more interesting content proposition.

Benefits of SMO:

  • Social SEO – More shared links depicts you as an authority to search engines and improves SEO. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all feature top shared content as “Top News”, “Top Tweet”, and “Top Headlines” providing more opportunities to drive traffic.
  • User Generated Content  – Content created and curated by users carries greater influence and travels faster than doing it on your own.
  • Social Proof – Lots of comments or shares proves that content is read and share-worthy. Featuring these counts can increase social follows, article click-through rates, shared links, and inbound links.
  • Social User Experience – Users appreciate the opportunity to participate in discussions and are generally willing to share or discuss content they like or dislike. Open discussion builds a community around the topic. Empowering users to more easily speak out about your content helps build “brand ambassadors.”
  • Social Metrics – Comments, subscribes, and shares are all useful metrics for measuring the quality of blog content and the success of social media tactics.

Differences between SMO and SEO:
A fundamental difference between SEO and SMO is that the while SEO focuses on driving traffic from search engines by gaining higher ranking and exposure in the organic results, SMO is much more diverse. SMO uses any site or traffic source which is acquiescent to being leveraged and typically is being well used by real people bent on sharing information, including the written word, images, video, audio and of course, links and referrals to other web sites.

By monitoring trending topics, you can build a substantial online following where you are having a conversation about your business, your life or whatever you are seeking to convey. The beauty of this approach is that while you have your own website, you can broaden your online presence and increase the depth with which you interact with everyone else you associate with: customers, prospects, suppliers, business partners and everyone else online.

Please fee free to provide your thoughts and feedback by leaving a comment below. Thank you for taking out the time to read this blog.



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