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10 Online Reputation Management Tips for Businesses. #socialmedia #CRM


1. Optimize Your Site with Your Company Name
Optimize several pages on your website using what’s probably your most important keyword phrase, your company’s name. Google will likely see your site as the ultimate authority on your company. Authoritativeness on a topic is one of many important signals the search engine considers when matching content to a search query and then ranking that content among other results. By properly optimizing more than one page for your company name, you’ll help keep those pages at or near the top of search results.

2. Diversify Your Web Presence
Your goal should be to proactively own as many slots in the Google top 10 search results for keywords you care about. To achieve top 10 dominance, your Web presence should be spread out among your company’s site, related blogs, and social media networks such as LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook Fan pages, YouTube and Twitter. Google’s search engine technology views these social network sites as authoritative and trustworthy; both are important factors in how highly content on those sites is ranked.

3. If You Have to Choose One Social Network, Make It LinkedIn
Social media takes a lot of time and effort to manage. If you must limit your resources, focus on LinkedIn as LinkedIn profiles tend to rank higher than some other social media network content and it is particularly important for B2B companies, as many people search on LinkedIn instead of Google for professional services.

4. Get Other Sites to Link to Yours with Anchor Text
Anchor text is a hyperlinked word or phrase, such as online management tips for job seekers, that when clicked takes you to another Web page. Search engines use anchor text to determine the relevancy of the page being linked to. If several pages on authoritative, trustworthy sites link to the tips article using the above anchor text link, it helps that article rise in search result rankings for that phrase.

5. Proactively Monitor Your Search Results at Least Once a Month
Google your company name at least once a month. Do it much more frequently if you’re a large company in the news fairly often. Set up Google Alerts for important keywords so you know as soon as possible when new content about you hits the Web.

6. To Counteract Negative Content, Contact Its Creator.
When that happens, immediately contact the blogger, reviewer or other person who created the content. Ask if you can do anything to switch their sentiment to positive. If that doesn’t work, leave a comment if possible to give your side of the story. Explain what you’re doing or have done to make the situation right.

7. Pay Attention to Your Offline Reputation
Your reputation in the offline world will eventually translate to the online world at some point of time. Treat your customers and clients well, and encourage those who are happy with you to leave reviews on portals such as Yelp and Google Reviews.

8. Send Out Optimized Press Releases on a Regular Basis
Search-Optimized Press Releases can rank highly in Google for relevant keyword searches, giving your company another opportunity to own a top Google slot.

9. Pay Attention to Your Wikipedia Page
You shouldn’t get directly involved in your Wikipedia article as that is technically a conflict of interest, according to Wikipedia community guidelines. If there is negative or incorrect information on your company Wikipedia page, ask the Wiki community for suggestions on how to fix it.

10. Don’t Expect Miracles
It’s so important to proactively own or at least influence top Google search results because it’s extremely difficult to push down negative content when it surfaces. Have patience and if you believe you are adopting the right strategy, trust me the end result will be positive as expected. “Patience is the key to Success”.

Thank you for taking out the time to read this blog and please feel free to provide your thoughts and feedback by leaving a comment below.

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