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Social Media Strategies | #socialmedia



  • A brand is no longer what a company says, it is the customers what they say about it
  • One can influence a brand by encouraging people associated with it
  • The trend in social media is changing:

(Customer relationship management → Customer managed relationships)

  • Get involved, listen and give more than you get
  • Accelerated Relationship Management

Generosity: One need’s to be serving, not selling
Vulnerability: Be prepared to own up to mistakes. Pushes you beyond 100%
Candor: Be a part of the conversation, don’t let others speak for you
Accountability: Able to explain and take responsibility for your actions

  • Don’t lie or fail to live up to the promise
  • Stand by your commitments
  • Make it your choice to care


  • It’s all about human psychology
  • Give, give, and give more
  • Create quality content, not quantity
  • Social proof is one of the biggest driving force in social media
  • Liking matters (Can be similarities, compliments, associations)
  • Great content creates authority


  • Build brand equity using sweat equity

Financial Equity → Labor Equity

  • Talk and Spread the word-of-mouth advertising
  • Expect change, Embrace change and most importantly, take advantage of the change.
  • Be passionate: Love what you do and be honest in your approach
  • Be provocative: Say what isn’t said. Talk about what’s under the radar.
  • Lay more emphasis on people, groups that are involved and less emphasis on the products or services you are offering
  • Influence others by keeping their interests in mind
  • Link them to others, and they will stay linked to you
  • Grab prospect’s attention in the beginning
  • Develop relationships first, and then sell
  • Create and build a tracking system to monitor your efforts
  • Currency in social media is relationships and content
  • Application is one of the most powerful forces when it comes to social media campaigns
  • Blog is the home base:  Ask why, what and who

(Over 50% of blogs are abandoned in the first 90 days)

  • Content is King

Educate, Entertain, Engage & Enrich

  • C.H.A.R.M.

Captivate Attention
Hook emotions
Advance trust
Radiate desire
Motivate action


  • Quality network
  • Quality content
  • Consistency
  • Ask questions, send invitations and accept invitations
  • Passionate Caring
  • Keyword &  Title
  • Ask questions, respond and participate
  • Set a Landing tab

Please feel free to provide any comments. Thank You!


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