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Importance of a Blog | #socialmedia


What is a Blog?

Everybody keeps asking what is a blog? To my understanding I see it as a web log, an online journal account regularly updated of events or ideas to which other people can add comments and express their thoughts and insights.

Some of the Key Benefits of Blogging:

  • By having a blog, one has an opportunity to establish themselves as the thought leader or someone who is thought of as a value generator.
  • It is an excellent way to communicate with your potential customers by using a more informal interface, where you can encourage users to leave feedback and contribute to conversation.
  • A company blog can make a real difference in the ranking and traffic of a website, driving more targeted potential customers to a website.
  • It also displays in writing the passion and enthusiasm that one has for their business related interests
  • Providing back links also encourages viewers to read your blog frequently as it conveys a message of authenticity
  • Broad Reach via RSS and email subscriptions. Also, sharing it on social media platforms spreads the content to a broader target audience such as Networked Blogs (Facebook), Twitter Widget.
  • Tags/keywords help a company/person rank higher in SERP’s. Blog works as one of the most important tools for SEO purposes
  • By being authentic and providing relevant content, one can develop know-like-trust relationships
  • An in-depth understanding of the analytics/stats enables one to adopt a better strategy in terms of target audience and make the blog more user engaged.
  • A blog also opens up a new marketing channel for products and services
Based on all these points mentioned above, I will suggest and recommend people out there to start using a blog in a manner that can yield positive results.
I will also like to share a presentation that I came across in order to help all of you understand this concept in a detailed manner.
Please review and feel free to post any comments. Thank you!

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